The Religious Scene in Saudi Arabia … Starting points and Transformations



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This study, prepared by Strategic Fiker Center for Studies, aims to provide a historical, conceptual and realistic approach to the religious scene in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by explaining the religious importance of the Two Holy Mosques and the foundational religious roots of the Saudi State. 

The study provides a reading of classic and contemporary approaches adopted by Wahhabism in relation to issues of management of political affairs and ruling, in addition to discussing the reality of Saudi religiosity and its characteristics, and clarifying the most important formal and informal actors of the religious scene in Saudi Arabia, and their relationship, in turn, with the Saudi system and society. The study looks into instance of interaction between the religious phenomenon and other forms of political, economic and cultural currents, in addition to the most prominent challenges facing religious exceptions in the Kingdom, whether those related to the political side, such as public and private freedoms and sectarian diversity, or related to the cultural aspect as a question of renewal, modernization and cultural interchangeability, or in relation to social issues, such as manifestations of fanaticism, sports fanaticism, the mentality of the tribe, and the situation of women, as well as to various external challenges. 

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