Arab Intellectuals: A Study on Models and Roles

Mohamhguvfdel Fattah Halikawi
11 Apr 2019

Number of Pages (162)

The study discusses the Arab intellectual elites’ roles before the Arab Spring with a deep review of the conceptual framework of concepts such as culture, intellectual person and elite. It focuses on the interrelationship among the intellectual person, the authority, the state and the society in the Arab world. This study seeks to make advances in defining the orientations of intellectuals and their roles in the Arab Spring. One of its purposes is to examine the factors of elites’ decreasing influence and determine a better vision of the strategies that can revive their pivotal presence. In order to establish a comprehensive reading for the relationship between the intellectual elite and the Arab Spring uprisings, it is necessary to deal with the essential historical moments of these revolutionized changes with a special focus on the elite’s influence in different case studies. Although this study points up the main theoretical framework, it is concerned with discussing some tools that may activate the roles of this intellectual elite within the scopes and current variables of the Arab Spring.  

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