Soft Power Models in the Arab Region (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran) .. Study on Strategies and Impact

Ahmed Hassan, Saad Al-Qahtani, Ateq Jarallah and Mutahir Al-Saffari
11 Apr 2019

Number of Pages (326)

This study seeks to answer questions concerning the visions and strategies followed by (Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran) and their ability to use the diplomatic tools and potentials, including: How do these countries recognize the concept of soft power and its importance? What are the sources of soft power with which these three countries manage their interests in their areas of influence? To what extent have these three countries (Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran) used the soft power on the level of the foreign policy? What is the size of coordination and connection with the local institutions in the countries located in the areas of influence which are under study? What are the methods used by the soft power related to these countries’ management for their interests in their areas of influence? What are the evidences, indicators and statistics that show such influence?  Where do the points of strength and weakness lie regarding the use of the three countries’ soft power (Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran)? 

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