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Political and legal Dimensions of President Trump’s Impeachment Scenario



This study examines the current proposed scenario to impeach President Trump according to the constitutional laws governing the option of impeachment.  It seems vulnerable to focus on the power game between the White House Administration and the Congress which was historically elaborated with several other presidents. The study re-extrapolates the political dimensions of the impeachment scenario in light of the existing polarization between opponents and supporters of President Trump’s policies. In addition, it is important to point out the internal and international variables which determine the network of alliances within the US Congress. The latter is legally concerned with making decisions of the presidential impeachment. The study addresses most of the specific charges against President Trump through an academic analysis for all the scenarios of American Presidents’ removal from office that occurred in the contemporary political history of USA. Moreover, the study identifies the general reservations surrounding Trump’s administration, and provides a deep interpretation of all reactions that are for or against impeachment.

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