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Questions about Approach: Radical and Intellectual Approaches to our Contemporary Problematics



This study brings into focus a number of questions connecting with the paradigm within the religious discourse. The matter of the relationship between the question of renewal and the critical thinking is addressed for the analysis of its intersection with the radical debate. Other questions are of major importance because they focus on secularism, conceptual framework, norms and practices, history, ethics, state and sectarianism. In broad terms, this study contributes to our understanding of other issues such as the question of context (Time/Place), in addition to the questions related to the examination of ways in which the Arab mindset has been affected by many variables: How is it conceptualized?  How does it deal with it?  How does it avoid its impacts?  There are also other issues taken into consideration in this study. The questions about the process concerning the reformation of religious institutions such as judicial institution and the institution of Ijtihad and Fqih are deeply discussed.

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