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Return of Mahathiria: Political Parties and Trends in Malaysia after Elections of 2018



The study argues for the need to rethink of the dynamics of the Malaysian political scene that conducted the 14th legislative general elections which took place on May 9, 2018.  In particular, this election in Malaysia paved the way for the return of “Mahathir Mohammed” as the ‘savior’ and a decisive force for the general orientation of the electoral behavior. Given the factors that shaped the electoral outcome, this study proposes a further exploration of the main government approaches as historically occurred and projected by the party leaders in Malaysia over the past decades. The study of elections in Malaysia arguably seeks to illustrate the frameworks of the most prominent political parties and trends that influence the Malaysian political scene aftermath the elections of 2018. The focus is on a historical assessment of both of the party leaders and the quality of their leadership regarding the most important strengths and weaknesses.


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