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Slavoj Žižek | The rebellious philosopher

Slavoj Žižek is classified as the “pop” or “rock star” philosopher of philosophy and culture, for being the most visible philosopher on the media scene, the most popular intellectual on social media platforms, and the most prolific contemporary philosopher; Cicek made extensive contributions in various fields; Such as: philosophy, political

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ناطوري كارتا | الدور والتأثير على المشروع الصهيوني

Naturi Karta | The role and influence on the Zionist project

The Neturei Karta group, which is against Zionism and the Israeli entity that usurps the Palestinian right, is one of the groups that hardly many people know. And fast for the state of the Israeli entity. And they see the so-called Israeli Independence Day (the anniversary of the establishment of

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