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Iranian Armed Militias in the Arab Region



This study examines the most inevitable Iranian Shiite militias acting in the Arab geographical space. It defines them from the perspective of their origins, stages of emergence, ideological and doctrinal origins, organizational structure, military capabilities and their internal and external armament sources, specifically the Iranian Ones. Moreover, this study explores the most important battles which these armed militias involved in and assesses its political and social repercussions. The purpose of this study is to outline these countries agendas and policies to contain their dangers, eradicate the alignment of other Shiite movements towards violence and Iranian exploitation.

This study seeks to understand the transformations of Shiite constituents in the Arab region towards the stage of organized militias and draw the attention of the Gulf countries, where the Shiite minorities live, to prevent such scenario. This study discusses the Iranian state’s use of Shiite proxies, explaining the role of Quds Force – a paramilitary unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards responsible for extraterritorial operations. Through this case, this study examines Iranian linkage to Shiite militias, their role in the proliferation of sectarian conflicts and their main leaders

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