حزب العدالة والتنمية التركي .. دراسة في الفكرة والتجربة

Turkish Justice and Development Party … Study on Idea and Experience



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This study examines the political style of the Turkish Justice and Development Party and its management tactics for the internal and external variables. This study strives to review and analyze the administrative structure of the party, its organizational constituents, communication channels and both of decision-making forces and mechanisms. It is important for this study to analyze the mechanisms of the Party›s political style concerning challenges which have prevented the success of previous attempts during the last century. 

The research team conducted a number of face-to-face interviews with some of the party leaders and decision-makers, as well as a content analysis of the party›s discourse in order to answer the central question: How was this done? The core idea of this study is to evaluate the Party’s experience far away from the exaggerated focus on numbers or the marginalized perspective of achievements and the strategic changes in Turkey. 

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