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In the Jurisprudence of Religion and Politics



This study examines the doctrine of Islamic Jurisprudence by outlining a series of issues discussed in relation with jurisprudence and politics. Many related questions are explained, in part, such as the principle of Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul Al-Fiqh), Jurisprudence of purposes (Fiqh Al-Maqasid) and Sunnah. This study addresses the influence of these doctrines on the social context, in general, and its link to politics in particular. This does imply, of course, that it deals with the questions of heritage and renewal and makes discussion about the status-quo of contemporary Islamists and their conceptual frameworks. It also tries to discuss the differences between the provisions of (religion) required for (the interests of hereafter) and the necessities of politics included within what is required for (the interests of life). They are elaborated through the general religious vision to the human being and society and controlled by its principles, ethics and general context.


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