How do Saudis think? … Priorities and interests



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This is an exploratory study that aims to illustrate the views of a number of Saudis about the daily living and social affairs. It concerns with how Saudis deal with their choices and manners of living. It also seeks to explore the Saudis mentalities and manners of thinking concerning a number of internal issues and their commitments to various social and political questions. 

This study is conducted through a set of questions seeking to deal with the priorities and concerns which attract the attention of Saudis. The focus is about the Saudis’ model of thinking about the local issues that they consider important within their society. It points out the most important International and Arab issues in which the Saudis are interested, as well as how and where they choose to spend their free time. In addition, this study reviews the Saudis’ reading preferences. It also focuses on their choices to deal with the excess of their money, the investment fields and the types of jobs that they prefer. 

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