الليبرالية في السعودية

Liberalism in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom: Idea, Practices and Future Visions



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This study deals with the concept of local and Arab liberalism, in general, and the liberal trend in Saudi Arabia, in particular, in terms of thought and practice. This is done by reviewing the history of this trend, its evolution, its intellectual content and how it is affected by the internal and external factors. The study also provides a new understanding about the ideas of some liberal literature in Saudi Arabia belonging to both of the loyalists and the oppositionist. 

This study aims at restoring the status of the objective evaluation for the liberal project in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and, hence, trying to understand the nature of the current period or the future scenario and its impact on the aspects of the whole project on the basis of ideas, writings and influence. It also provides practical methodological recommendations that support the state of the growing civilizational originality, including the rational opposition. 

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